Bampanth The Left


-Bimal Nibha

I am a communist
Of your Regime
This is the whole introduction of mine

I love
Your beautiful daughter Democracy
Enchanted I am
by her seductive youthfulness
Sprinkling aroma in the ambience
When she comes out
(I mean the beautiful Democracy)
I lay my arms
And keep gazing vacantly in the same direction
I have forgotten my wounds
Is the blood still flowing
from the soul?
The red-red colored blood?
But then I have no complain
Unconscious, I recline
in the resting corner of your parliament

I know you are enraged
and also scared
from my presence
You are not willing to tolerate me
But I am helpless
Where should I go
Leaving your wonderful girl Democracy?
I am a lover
enwrapped in her attraction
Please don’t abandon me
Let me flow
in her cool and intense smile

A warrior is wounded
by the sharp miens of beautiful Democracy
Is the war continuing
till today?
But it has no meaning for me anymore
I have not taken
The vow of liberation

I am a communist
Of your regime
This is the whole identity of mine.


जवाफ लेख्नुहोस्

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Bampanth_The Left is a quarterly academic magazine published from Kathmandu. It is registered under the Sambad Publication following the provision mentioned in The Press and Publication Act 1991. The magazine aspires to serve as a bridge between scholars and activists to deepen our understanding of the socialism oriented socio-political transformation of Nepali society.

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