Bampanth The Left

Thought Hatchery

-Resham Birahi

I picked up the trowel
weeded clean the cluttered ground
In the name of conviction
painted, bright red vermilion of hope
on the pathetic faces of men

Over the clear skies and foggy settlements
laid multi-colored cushions
Stuffing fire-sticks of dreams in the mud stove
I let the daydreaming feast
simmer in a self-regulating cauldron

I kept on climbing the mountain
When reached its peak
Through the veiled-window of riches and luxuries
looked at those foggy settlements again
I did not see any of those colors
Indifferent, has already become
The spring of my consciousness

As time passed by, I
caressed my head softly from all sides
watched the cells wadded with dogmatic thoughts
the bleeding of consciousness
like the flow of water in a canal from a ruptured dam
And saw,
the thought hatchery inside my mind
torn asunder.

(Translated by Mahesh Maskey)


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