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 He was born first

then, gradually,

his wishes

  He wanted

to cook rice

in a pot as big as the sky

And feed

all the hungry of the earth

He wanted to ask with loving gratitude

wool from the sheep

and wanted to knit

one sweater each

for those trembling in the cold

He wanted

even to borrow

rocks from the mountain

water from the cloud

and soil from the land

to build a huge house

where all who did not have home

could find a space of their own

  For quite a few days

now and then

He had kept on wishing like this

News of his wish

One day reached to the emperor

  The emperor became angry

and began to roar

‘In my state

It is a crime to have such wishes

Arrest the rebel

and bring to my court!’

  He was brought before the emperor

The emperor said sternly

‘You are guilty

of harboring dangerous wishes

Now be ready to die

Tell me what is your last wish?’

  He replied with a matching defiance

‘My last wish

is my very first wish

the second wish

the third wish’

  Hearing this the emperor

Became even more angry

And ordered

‘Hang him to death!’

  He was killed eventually.

  After a few days of his murder

The emperor went in a procession

Nearing the place where he was killed The emperor was taken aback

his wishes were alive there

Where he was hanged



  Seeing this the emperor

Became mad with rage

And started shouting

Kill them, destroy these wishes

  But despite all efforts

Even after using

elephants, horses, spears, swords

armies, canons

wishes could not be killed

All were tired

commander, courtiers, spies and soldiers

and accepted defeat

Mourning on this failure

the emperor died

  Having said this

My father became silent

I asked

Is this the end of story?

  Taking a deep breath

He said

Yes, son

This story ends here

But his wish has not ended

Even now one can see

his wishes there

where he was murdered

Alive and full of optimism

Spreading all over the places

Wishes walking on

Wishes marching ahead

Becoming many from one

Innumerable uncountable number of wishes

  Son, his wish

Is still alive today

Wishes never die

Wishes can never be erased

Has not the radiance of that wish

Reached to you too?

(Translated by Mahesh Maskey / 19-12-2021)


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