Bampanth The Left

The Woman

The things that you can do

I can do too

I can labor hard

and sweat like you

All your emotions

I can feel too

But where has History brought and dumped me

I find you miles ahead of me.


You and I are not the same

We only complement each other

You cannot be therefore a partaker to multitude of my feelings

I can die alive with your dead body

I can survive the assault of your mass rape

You never had to go through these,

You have no experience of the painful moments of menstruation

You don’t have to brave the risk of protecting your honor

You have no idea of the awfully tedious period of pregnancy

You don’t have to bear the limitless pain of child delivery


Yes I cannot be a mother without you

But I have given you the credit to become a father too.

You don’t understand though that intrinsic experience of motherhood

That is my, only….my experience

Did a woman rape you?

Did a woman put a blemish of dishonor on your being?

Did a woman sell you anywhere?

You are dumbfounded when confronted with these questions


You the ruler of today

Millennia ago

Holding you, the jealous and quarrelsome ape-man

in the embrace of love and coexistence

I had walked you under the roof of my cave

As you today

carry me like a bawling beast hidden within the head gear

amid the pageant of dowry


Therefore, do not be so indifferent,

Don’t be so cruel

and ungrateful,

You don’t understand my oppression

But I do understand yours

Come lets us share our oppressions today

Let us be one in our mindset

We are not the kind that can live without one another

I will hold your hand firmly

You take me to the place where you have reached

There, where I had taken you already,

In the dawn of civilization.

(Translated by Mahesh Maskey)


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