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Squatter Embryo’s Abusive Words to 21st Century

Now I am in a rush to be born
It is said
Siddarth Gautam had walked seven steps
immediately after his birth
Where do I have land to walk in such a luxury?
Immediately after my birth
I will swear seven abusive words to
the 21st century
And, then see –
Who would dare to run dozer on my primeval

I have excelled in the stone art of agitation
I am now eager to stone this world
I am in a real real rush to be born!

The day apocalypse entered the settlement wearing
fancy goggles
My mother
was planting saplings of flowers
in the three flower pots made by cutting water jars
My mother adores flowers
she is planting flowers, now and then
in the soil of her own dreams
When the apocalyptic dozer reached in front

of our huts
My mother suddenly appeared brandishing
a khukuri knife
to protect her flowers
And thus, Beauty’s oral history
found a brave heroin

But, forgone was the defeat
Looking at the saplings hanging on the blades of
Tears of acid had dropped from her eyes
Shame to you 21st Century!
You do not appreciate flowers of sorrow

Sometimes I think
Here, in my mother’s womb, spend my whole life
Here I will not be a petty symbol of squattersettlement
Here, elite do not call me the ‘f*cking headache’
Here, I will not be blamed for violating the beauty
of this Mega City
And, the priests of ugliness would not court
martial me
Here I will not be an unwanted, non-human, noncitizen.

Sometimes I think
Here, in my mother’s womb, spend my whole life

But how in this cruel world
Can I leave my mother alone?
How can, leaving her alone to bear
all the abusive words
all the hurts
I betray my mother?

am really really in rush to be born!
O river!
You tell
Why my mother feels you are her own half sister

she has chosen your support, your banks
because it will be easy to let her pains flow
Is it or Is it not?
Tell the truth!
Is not when her sighs mixed in the ambience
your breeze got an added resonance?

Tell the truth!
Does crying in the bosom of elder sister
Is considered seize of that bosom by the younger sister?

My mother is not hungry of Land
(who knows her better than me?)
She do not claim anything else
Except that this earth also belongs to her a bit

Such cruel design of
Uprooting the settlement of the living
to construct Taj Mahal in the name of the dead
O murderous 21st century!
One day this land hunger will devour you.

Still there are 6 moths left…..
(ah! this waiting is akin to six centuries.)

I am in a hurry
To add a little strength
On the claim of my mother on this earth

I am in a hurry
to answer
Every abusive words hurled at my squatter

I am in a hurry to stand on the same ground with my
I am in a real real rush to be born

(Trasnlated by Mahesh Maskey)





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