Bampanth The Left

  • वामपन्थ_दि लेफ्टको दोस्रो अङक बजारमा उपलब्ध  छ । दोस्रो अङक मार्क्सवाद  र संसदीय लोकतन्त्र विशेषाङ्कको  संक्षिप्त ई- संस्करण हाम्रो वेव-साइटमा उपलब्ध छ ।


Bampanth[The Left] is a quarterly academic magazine  published  from Kathmandu. It is registered under the Sambad Publication following the provision mentioned in The Press and Publication Act 1991. The magazine aspires to serve as a bridge between scholars and activists to deepen our understanding of the socialism oriented socio-political transformation of Nepali society.  The main objectives are: 

  • To provide forum for interaction, discourse and intellectual intervention in contemporary political issues.
  • To promote the young academics from marginalized communities, caste and gender to voice their observations and experience.
  • To forge solidarity with left intellectuals from around the globe, primarily from Asia.
  • To organize debate for achieving clarity on Nepali path to Socialism.